Course Hand-formed Ceramics

In this course for beginners, but certainly also for people with more experience, you manually build vases, dishes, sculptures and objects according to your own idea and design. You decide what you want to learn: you may be interested in (glazing) techniques, or in finding your own personal style. When you make a small series of tableware or sculptures, the focus will be on playing with organic design, (ir)regularities and (im)perfections. You are searching for your own form language with matching colours for unique, visibly handmade pieces.

You build the work from rings or slabs of clay. It is also possible to use pressure moulds or you can just model solidly. The work is fired and painted with engobes, ready-made glazes, majolica or with ash glazes for stoneware, which we can make ourselves during the course. Lots of experiments are possible with form, colour and glaze.

Dates: 6 times on Wednesday morning or Wednesday afternoon.

In this form, the course runs almost all the year round, except during and around school holidays.

For information send an e-mail to

Private lessons, also in English,  are possible.

Time: morning course from 9.30 am to 12 noon; afternoon course from 1.30 pm to 4 pm

Costs: €235,- Basic materials, heating costs and coffee/tea are included.

Protection: For weighing of glazes, you must bring suitable protection (dust mask).

Location: De Beeldhouwwinkel, Maanweg 68, 2516AA The Hague

For questions and registration:

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