Artist statement


“Sculpting brings me closer to myself.”


The work  I have been making since 2015 is biographical in character. My works are mostly created in series and are about breathing, my youth and growth, but also about themes like security, limits and over-stimulation. Sculpting brings me closer to myself. It takes me back to the source of my existence, by feeling, experiencing and creating new images. Themes are developed in various materials: Porcelain, Felt, Textiles, Pottery, Terra sigillata, Earth and Found Objects, often from my childhood. I make ceramic glazing and felt patches in a traditional manner, according to my own design, so that I can achieve the desired effect of layering

In 2015 the “Please take care of me” series was created, a set of small, intimate assemblages about my life, made in old transparent cassette tape cases from my youth. These are small, transparent and, at the same time, restricted spaces, within which I feel safe to tell my intimate story. Visible to the outside world on the one hand, and at the same time protected by the little box.

Breathing inspired me to make the “Breath” series, lungs in various shapes, from very literal to more abstract reproductions. In daily life, I could not always breathe freely. I regularly lock my breathing when I feel tension. While embroidering, stitch by stitch, kneading in the clay or creating an  assemblage I practice letting go, so that the air can flow freely.