“Sculpting brings me closer to myself”

Sculptures in porcelain, paper, cortensteel, stoneware, earthenware with terra sigillata, bronze, textiles, mixed media

I have been doing research into the Breath since 2015. The series of works, in various materials, including mixed media, textiles, paper, cortensteel, bronze, clay and porcelain, is biographical in character and deals with the important role of inhalation and exhalation in life. In search of breathing space, I am currently modeling wall sculptures in porcelain: breath clouds, lung shapes and sketches from my diary.

What fascinates me about air and breath is that air connects all organisms on earth: every bird, every tree, every human being. The air you exhale is inhaled by another organism in your environment. By breathing consciously you make a connection with yourself and, whether you want to or not, you connect with the other.

For humans, in their search for breathing space, respectful contact between themselves and the earth is essential. I invite the viewer to reflect on the quality of life and to take some breathing space when looking at my works.

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