Triptychs in cassette tape cases

Mixed Media, 2016 – 2017

The small triptychs in the old cassette tape cases tell my personal story about my search for a way of breaking old patterns in daily life. Each triptych has its own, perhaps familiar, theme. In the middle part a certain feeling, pattern of reacting or dilemma is the central point, e.g. letting go, stress or overstimulation. The flanking parts show where I can find a grip or a way out.

The cassette cases are small, transparent and, at the same time, restricted spaces, within which I feel safe to tell my intimate story. Visible to the outside world on the one hand, and at the same time protected by the little box. Gradually, the cassette cases have been left more and more transparent.

The triptychs have been created with the use of various materials: plastic, sand, earth, photos, paper, porcelain, clay,  little stones, small pieces of wood, leaves, seeds, elastic, wool, felt, embroidery thread, ink, pastel chalk, found objects from my childhood in my parents’ attic, old pieces of cloth etc. Sometimes I use texts from myself or others in these triptychs.

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