Series Please take care of me

Mixed media, 2015-2016

This biographical series consists of a series of small, intimate assemblages about my life, made in old transparent cassette tape cases from my youth. In these small intimate spaces a certain phase or event in my life is shown. What was going on behind that sweet little girl’s façade?

The series was created in 2015 during a period of burnout. Making these small collages about my life gave me some light, I was allowed to go back to the source of my existence, creating, feeling, experiencing. The frame of the cassette case gave me something to hold on to. On the one hand there was the transparency, on the other the limitation of the small space. It became a valuable search through my biography, trying to find my core. How I was shaped by events in my life. How I had become who I am.

The cases are filled with various images, colours and materials. They gave shape to what I experienced in a situation often shown by photographs. What had I needed in this situation, in retrospect? What had I felt or experienced? I often tried to find warmth, closeness or security.

Various materials were used: plastic, sand, earth, photos, paper, porcelain, clay, stones, wood, leaves, seeds, elastic, wool, felt, embroidery thread, ink, pastels, objects from my childhood, like my baby towel, found in my parents’ attic, etc. Sometimes I used texts in the series. All this with the purpose of awakening and exploring my memories.