Maaike van de Gevel (1971)

Studio at De Beeldhouwwinkel, The Hague, The Netherlands




2021 Current exhibitions and news

April 2021 “Porcelain medals by Maaike van de Gevel” appeared in the Spring issue of The Medal, the periodical of BAMS, the British Art Medal Society.
BAMS is based at The British Museum, Department of Coins and Medals, London.
The article was written by Arnold Nieuwendam. Link: Porcelain Medals by Maaike van de Gevel

12 – 27 June 2021: participant of the #artistsupportpledge exhibition in De Balie, Amsterdam.
An initiative of TINKEBELL and This Works club. Inspired by Matthew Burrow Studio. Open 13.00 – 17.00 hr

June 2021 Galerie Kunstlokaal, Kerkrade. New works from the series “my Diary”. Permanent exhibition of works in porcelain.


3 – 13 December The space between, exhibition with Vera Holland and Elly Poldervaart Sekeris, Korte Vijverberg 2 The Hague, next to the Mauritshuis

From September 2020 Galerie Kunstlokaal, Kerkrade. Permanent exhibition of works in porcelain.

August 2020 De Beeldhouwwinkel, The Hague. Porcelain wall sculptures and medal objects, solo exhibition

July 2020 Webshop Museum Beelden aan Zee, Breathing Space A &B

July 2020 Article Medal Objects by Maaike van de Gevel MUNTkoerier 7/8, p.47-49 written by Arnold Nieuwendam

6 June – 25 July 2020 Oude Kerk, Scheveningen “Come Closer” duo exhibition with Elly Poldervaart

15 June – 15 August Participant Online Corona exhibition Art and Jazz, The Hague


Dec to Febr 20 Participant Art Gallery KopS, Scheveningen

October Participant Scheveningen Salon in Muzee, Scheveningen

Oct to Nov Participant Art Competition “Verbinding” in Art Gallery KopS, Scheveningen

25 May to 1 Sept Participant ZomerExpo Europe in tuinzaal of Kasteel Het Nijenhuis of Museum De Fundatie, Wijhe

April Participant ZomerExpo line-up in Van Gendthallen, Amsterdam

March Participant Pakje Kunst Haaglanden, Porcelain, Bronze and Textiles, The Hague

2018-2019 “Breathing Space” Participant Pakje Kunst The Hague, MIAW, The Hague

2018 and before

2018 “Breath II ” at De Beeldhouwwinkel, The Hague. Solo exhibition.

2018 “Ceramic wall sculptures” at De Beeldhouwwinkel, The Hague. Solo exhibition.

2017 “Breath I” at De Beeldhouwwinkel, The Hague. Solo exhibition.

2017 Ceramics & Textiles “Breath” at the performance “Adam, the man between light and dark” by Sound and Movement, Elandkerk, The Hague

2003 Bronze sculptures at Kunstschouw Zeeland, Beeldentuin Van Bemmelen, Burgh-Haamstede

2002 Bronze and stone. Ku(n)stroute Scheveningen, participant.

2002 Bronze sculptures at Kunstschouw Zeeland, Beeldentuin Van Bemmelen, Burgh-Haamstede, participant.

2001 Ceramics and stone. LAK, The Hague. Participant

2001 Project Sorghvliet Park, Scheveningen. Solo exhibition

1997 “Keramiek aan de muur” in Centraal Laboratorium Bloedbank, Bouke Bottelier, Amsterdam. Solo exhibition



1999 – 2001 Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam. Full-time, Sculpture, Cultural and Artistic Education. Teacher: Leo Vroegindeweij. Exam qualification: excellent.

1992 – 1996 Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Teacher Training Arts and Crafts. Specializations: Ceramics, Modelling, Audiovisual design.

1991 – 1992 Base year Art History, University of Amsterdam.

1990 – 1991 Foundation course Creative Therapy, Nijmegen.


Teaching Art

2016 – present    Teaching  Hand-shaped ceramics, Raku, Bronze casting & Creating your own glazes at De Beeldhouwwinkel, The Hague.

1998 – 2019 Teacher sculpture and 3D design at De Vrije School, The Hague.

2003 – 2009 Guest lecturer stone carving and modelling, Application course at Hogeschool Helicon, Zeist.

1999 – 2004 Teacher stonecarving at De Beeldhouwwinkel, The Hague.

1996 – 1998 Teacher Art and Photography at Geert Groote School, Amsterdam.



2020 Klei Keramiek Magazine; Glaze advice for the article: “Gewoon transparant Glazuur” by Fenna ter Haar

2020 “Penning objecten van Maaike van de Gevel”, MUNTkoerier 7/8, p.47-49 Written by Arnold Nieuwendam.

2019 Pakje Kunst Museum, Mr Visser discusses a work by Maaike van de Gevel:

2019 Brochure KopS Art Competition “Connection”, number 16

2019 Mini-catalogue Europa ZomerExpo 2019, Museum de Fundatie, p. 30

2001 Final exam catalogue Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam 2000-2001

May 1997 Peligraaf, Centraal Laboratorium Bloedbank, Amsterdam.


Other Activities

2020 – present: Committee member PR at KopS, Kunst op Scheveningen

2015 – 2019 Editor Wiki Art and Crafts for Waldorf Schools.