Breath 2015 – 2021

“Sculpting brings me closer to myself”

Sculptures in porcelain, stoneware, earthenware with terra sigillata, bronze, textiles, mixed media

The biographical series “Breath” consists of a succession of works in various materials and techniques, including Porcelain, Felt, Pottery, Bronze and Mixed Media. This series was created in 2015 with the embroidery of lungs on pieces of cloth which I felted myself. In my work I investigate themes that are close to me in my daily life. This series is about the important role of breathing in my life.

The, at times intermittent, flow of breathing inspired me to create lungs and breath-clouds in various forms. From very literal to more abstract reproductions. I regularly lock my breathing  when I feel tension. Embroidering, stitch by stitch, kneading in the clay or during yoga and meditation I practice letting go, so that the air can flow freely. All this is still a deep and valuable quest.

When I make an effort to look from a distance at the work I am creating  I can see that the Breath gets more air and light over time. Whereas the first piece had a dark colour and was embroidered with small, sturdy stitches, looking for a grip, in later work I see branches and leaves growing from these same lungs. The larger ceramic sculptures, painted with terra sigillata, are robust in shape, sturdy and powerful, and offer the Breath more space and air. More and more I experience that the Breath can be a stable anchor in the commotion of daily life. The art of actually letting the air flow offers me the essential space I am looking for.